South Table Mountain

Carl’s Timeline of Preserving STM from becoming a quarry.

Book about Carl and South Table Mountain

Transcribed document of the Audio “The Fight to Preserve South Table Mountain and Open Space”

The Fight to Preserve STM continuation

Denver Post 1996

A Tribute Letter to Carl

Letter from Applewood President to Jeffco Open Space

May of 1978 President Jimmy Carter visited SERI (Solar Energy Research Institute) Golden, Co. SERI was renamed NREL. (National Renewable Energy Laboratories).

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South Table Mountain official map
Carl’s Point on official STM map
Carl’s Point sign looking towards Denver
Carl’s Point sign with QR code
Plaque Saving South Table Mountain and Victory Decision December 17, 1981
Eiberger children at Carl’s Point.
Looking West to Carl’s Point and STM
NE side of STM
West View STM
Top of STM at Carl’s Point
STM and NTM views
Lucky and Shadow
Looking North from Carl’s Point
Mary and Tito
Mary and Ranger Mary Ann Bonnell
Sunset Carl’s Point photo credit Bernard Wolf
Sunset  Mary’s B-day (Jan 21, 2021)
Credit Bernard Wolf
Timeline of Carl preserving STM
APOA opposes STM quarry 1992
Carl Eiberger and CO Governor Richard Lamm
President Carter and Governor Lamm at SERI, now NREL, East side of STM
Margurette and Carl Eiberger  at SERI (Solar Energy Research Institute) now NREL (National Renewable Energy Laboratory)
President Jimmy Carter at SERI May 1978
President looking at Solar Panels
SERI with Carl’s Point in the background