Carl Eiberger was instrumental in protecting and preserving South Table Mountain, the “Gateway to the Rockies.” He provided over 24 years of free legal work to preserve STM from becoming a 75-year quarry. He also helped Jeffco Open Space purchase portions of the mesa, which ultimately saved this notable landmark.
Thanks to Carl Eiberger and his tireless stewardship, visitors for generations to come will have the opportunity to enjoy its beauty.


June 6th was a significant date for my father, Carl F. Eiberger Jr.June 6th, 2021

Commemoration of Carl F. Eiberger Jr., at Carl’s on South Table Mountain, Golden, Colorado, at 10 am.
RSVP only.

June 6, 1954 Carl F. Eiberger Jr. graduated ND Law School -Magna Cum Laude.

June 6, 1954 Carl F. Eiberger Jr. practiced law in Michigan. He passed the bar exam while in school.

June 6, 1948 Carl F. Eiberger Jr. graduated St. Joseph’s HS (Denver) as Valedictorian.

June 6, 1944 D day

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